Panos Papadopoulos

Director of Produc Mangemement for Mobile at @Splunk, cofounded @BugSense and advisor at @pollfish

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Confirmed Investments · Invests $25K per deal
What I Do

My main interest is the intersection of Mobile and Big Data. Having a strong entrepreneurial background I try to bring outside of the box thinking to corporate environments.

I love organizing communities and being an advocate of change.


Cofounded BugSense, raised capital and drove business development and product. Led due diligence and sold BugSense to Splunk.
Advisor to Pollfish.
Participated in fbFund 2009 with Gameyola.
Organized and built the tech community in Athens.

What I'm Looking For

Looking to invest $10-$25k in early stage startups with aggressive growth strategies in Mobile preferably developer tools, monetization and SaaS.