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Helping schools improve through data analytics

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Aaron Feuer
Founder and CEO at Panorama Education. Passionate about improving public education. Coder, activist, policy wonk.
Xan Tanner
Co-founder at Panorama Education. Formerly did analytics for the Yale Basketball Team. Love data and helping schools. Yale '13.
David Carel
Founder Panorama Education. Studied/worked in global health and education policy. Excited to help bring data literacy to public schools.

Panorama Education is a Boston-based Y Combinator (S13) company devoted to helping K-12 teachers and schools improve. We work with over 4000 schools across some of the largest public school districts and charter networks in the country (including Teach for America and the Los Angeles Unified School District), providing sophisticated data analytics based on student feedback data. By curating feedback from students, parents, teachers, and staff we help schools improve teaching, increase student and parent engagement, attract and retain great teachers, and foster a positive campus culture.

Why Us?

Panorama Education is a Boston-based Y Combinator (S13) company devoted to helping K-12 teachers and schools improve. We work with some of the largest public school districts and charter networks in the country (including Teach for America and the Los Angeles Unified School District), providing sophisticated data analytics based on student feedback data. We’re small but growing quickly, and we’re looking for smart people to join our team!

Who are we? We’re a team that loves using technology to create awesome and empowering user experiences. We like to challenge assumptions. Everyone has a say in major decisions, from tech architecture to business strategy. And we have crazy perks, but employees who aren’t there for the crazy perks. We make sure our work is meaningful, interesting, and fun.

1-10 employees
$4M Seed in 2013
Education, Analytics, K-12 Education, Surveys

Panorama Education Jobs

Software Engineer
$75K – $125K Salary
0.25% – 1.5% Equity
Full Time · Boston
Outreach Manager
$70K – $110K Salary
0.05% – 0.4% Equity
Full Time · Boston


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Wesley Chan
Wesley Chan
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Alexis Ohanian
Alexis Ohanian
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Paul Buchheit
Paul Buchheit
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Dalton Caldwell
Dalton Caldwell
Founder/CEO Part-time partner @Y Combinator Previously founder/CEO of @Imeem. @Stanford SymSys '03.
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Farzad Nazem
Farzad Nazem
Founding CTO of Yahoo for the first 11 years. Angel investor and adviser.
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