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Helping schools improve through data analytics

Panorama Education is a Boston-based Y Combinator (S13) company devoted to helping K-12 teachers and schools improve. We work with some of the largest public school districts and charter networks in the country (including Teach for America and the Dallas Independent School District), providing sophisticated data analytics based on student feedback data. We’re small but growing quickly, and we’re looking for smart people to join our team! Read More

What We're Building

Panorama Education is a Boston-based Y Combinator (S13) company devoted to helping K-12 teachers and schools improve. Thousands of schools serving millions of students use the Panorama Platform as an important tool to help teachers hone their practice, engage with families, build school culture, and beyond. We work with some of the largest public school districts and charter networks, including Aspire Public Schools, New York City and Dallas.

On the technical side, we are solving challenges in K-12 education, such as:
*building real-time data pipelines of a student’s day-to-day life into our platform, including the quantifiable and qualitative elements of a student’s experience
*measuring data across the country’s largest urban schools
*designing a highly available online platform that calculates realtime analytics across billions of data points
*refining our product’s user experience so that this firehose of data is truly useful, actionable information

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Jobs at Panorama Education

Panorama Education Team

Aaron Feuer
Founder and CEO at Panorama Education. Passionate about improving public education. Coder, activist, policy wonk.
Xan Tanner
Co-founder at Panorama Education (YC S13).  Love data, helping schools, Boston and basketball analytics. 
Megan Costello
Go-to-market / client delivery strategy / product operations for innovative, early stage SaaS and SaaS-ish companies
Mitchell Peabody
Startup-focused polyglot software engineer with PhD from MIT.
Stephen Eckenrode
Full stack developer at @Athenahealth, background in mathematics, interest in science, healthcare, education, and making the world a better place.
Jack McDermott
Product Marketing @Panorama Education • Worked at @Promoboxx • Studied at @Tufts University
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Have Questions? Ask Us Anything

How many people are you hiring in the next year?
We are actively hiring for a number of roles over the course of the next year! Roles will evolve as our team and needs change, so please reach out for specifics.
Genna Weinstein
Employee at Panorama Education
What is your office environment like?
We have an open office space in downtown Boston. If you walked in, you'd see some folks quietly working with headphones, and others in stand-ups or solving quick issues huddled around desks or one of our couch spaces. We have great snacks and catered lunch. Our values are displayed prominently on the walls. Tons of natural light. Light-hearted and productive!
Genna Weinstein
Employee at Panorama Education
What makes Panorama Education a unique place to work at?
We value and respect each other like it’s our job. This allows us to speak openly and honestly as a company, whether we’re discussing strategic goals or crafting the perfect playlist for team-wide karaoke. We are deeply committed to our work, to our clients, and to each other. And when it’s time for the annual “Panorama Decathlon,” we are deeply committed to the competitive spirit that comes with heated Wikipedia races and Jenga battles. During our weekly team lunches, we invite experts from every field imaginable (and sometimes our own in-house experts) to tell us about what they’re working on. Outside of work, we are committed to contributing to our communities. Some of us volunteer at soup kitchens and museums, while others build apps to help our fellow citizens. Our work doesn’t stop at our office doors.
Genna Weinstein
Employee at Panorama Education
Hi. Do you have plans to expand to other cities? I am a teacher living in Chicago but would love to be a part of what you all are doing!
Hello! Thanks so much for your interest. We don't have specific plans to expand today, but potentially in the future. In the meantime, let us know if we can show you around Boston any time. :-)
Genna Weinstein
Employee at Panorama Education

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