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Digitising deliveries for delightful user experiences

Global F500s and Indian blue-chips across industries use Pando's products to digitise and take control of their deliveries. Our scalable platform digitises information, documentation, communication and transactions across fragmented, and multi-tier supplier exosystems, while seamlessly integrating with existing workflows, and technology within organisations. Our products are used in the chemicals, white-goods, paper and paperboards, transportation and logistics, e-commerce and many more industries. Read More
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What We're Building

PandoCorp is building India's first open-market, digital, delivery management platform that has begun revolutionizing the >US $200Bn Indian delivery ecosystem. Our product is used by some of India's largest companies in the logistics, transportation, white goods, chemicals, paper, FMCG, textiles industries, and many more.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, designers, and developers who have helped build great tech products at Sandisk, Myntra, Letsintern, Airbnb, and Shadowfax, supported by veterans who have built and led startups, public corporations and everything in between - and done it well. We were also earlier supported by Yale University, and Cambridge Judge.

We are digitizing data, transactions, information and communication for multiple stakeholders, across linguistic, cultural and economic diversity, in a mammoth-sized core industry that is new to tech. We know what we're after, know that it's a huge proposition, and believe that we can do it. Come, join us!

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PandoCorp Team

Nitin Jayakrishnan
Trucker/Techie - Forever in transit, in progress. Redefining surface logistics @PandoCorp, Co-Founder iDelivery • Studied at SMU, NYU-Stern & WMG
Abhijeet Manohar
Engineering @PandoCorp, previously - Principal Engineer, Systems Architecture at @SanDisk. 57 Global Patents and counting

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