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What We're Building

PandaWhale is a service trained by a human community who curates the best content shared on Twitter, Facebook, and the Web.

Our machine learning text classifier and recommendation engine work together to personalize results so people can make better money decisions.

We are working on a Chatbot interface as well so people can "Ask Panda" anything.

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Adam Rifkin
A man. A plan. A panda. @PandaWhale ...
Joyce Park
Co-founder and CTO of @PandaWhale. Former co-founder and CTO of @Renkoo. Former engineer at @Friendster, KnowNow, @Epinions. Founding engineer of Dojo Toolkit.
Nick Sullivan
Founder @ChangeTip, Partner @Bitcoin by, Geek [on a plane], team builder, creationeer, morale officer, mentor, zip line builder
Lucas Meadows
Worked at @Zynga on the Treasure Island team. Currently with Adam Rifkin at new startup.

Our Investors

Eddy Lee
IT and Health Tech Investor Now: Managing Partner @Coffee Ventures, Consulting Professor @Stanford University Past: @Marvell Semiconductor
Nick Heyman
Web-scale Infrastructure expert. Worked at @Friendster, @Facebook, and @Twitter.
Anis Uzzaman
CEO & General Partner at Fenox Venture Capital Chairman of Startup World Cup
Prashant Labhane
Venturer, Design Junkie
Mikihiro Yasuda
Partner, Strategic Investment Office@DeNA Founder @Neo Innovation • Worked at @Digital Garage, @Open Network Lab @Netscape • Studied at @McGill University
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