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Talk with superpowers

At Panda, we're building the future of how you communicate with the people close to you. Read More
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What We're Building

We're working on a super interesting consumer communication product. It’s got a lot to do with how your camera, voice, and AR will make the time you spend with those closest to you the most special experience it can be. On and off your phone.

If that sounds vague, that's because it is—on purpose. (Things are under wraps for now.)

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Panda Team

Daniel Singer
Desiigner @Panda. Previously Product @Sensay & Started @Bond @Backchat
Gabriel Lewis
Software developer with background in front-end (React), backend (Node.js, Ruby on Rails), and mobile (iOS, React Native)
Sarah Stancik
Designer/Developer. Formerly at Lanmar Services, IBM.
Marc Martin
Computer scientist with a passion for innovation. I started at IBM and moved into the startup world to help create amazing products

Panda Investors

Adam B. Struck
GP @Struck Capital ; Forbes 30 Under 30; Esq. @Kirkland and Ellis ; Founder @LongIslandBrandBeverages ; @Northwestern University , @Georgetown University
Gaurav Jain
Co-founder & Managing Partner at Afore Capital. Previously @Founder Collective. Early Product Manager for @Android. Co-Founder of @Polar.
Robert Leshner
Founded two venture-backed technology companies. @University of Pennsylvania Econ, Chartered Financial Analyst
David Byttow
Product/Engineering Lead at Postmates. Previously Bold, Secret, Square, Medium, Google, and Double Helix Games.
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