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AI driven reporting for marketing agencies and their brand clients

At Panamplify, we're building systems to augment human intellect. We want to give our users superpowers, not replace them with an artificial neural network. We're using AI tools like rules, ontologies and planning systems to give the system enough knowledge about the domain being reported on to operate at a higher level of abstraction.

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What We're Building

Panamplify uses intelligent systems to eliminate the grunt work associated with setup, configuration, operation and reporting of complex analytics systems.

Focusing initially on the marketing sector, Panamplify automates best practices for marketing campaigns enabling executives to take action based on business outcomes for all of their marketing related campaigns and activities.

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Panamplify Team

Michael Pratt
Founder @Panamplify | Founder @dd_dallas | | USMA '87 | former Goldman trader | reluctant warrior
Jay Butera
UT Dallas CS, software developer at UT Austin, virtual reality research and machine learning projects

Panamplify Investors

Alan Salisbury
Boards of 4 public companies, chaired audit comm of NYSE company, pres/ceo of several high tech (IT) companies, investor in several venture funds, ran Army IT development and acquisition, MS & PhD EE & CS, Stanford
John Durham
marketing/advertising guy that loves Arsenal, SF Giants/Niners and WINE
Stephen Hays
Stephen Hays is the founder and managing partner of Deep Space Ventures, and early stage VC firm investing in B2B software and esports startups.
Berry Long
Berry has an 18 year Real Estate practice, with sales over $100,000 million, he developed Award winning programs & not-for-profits, Berry has a BES from Mizzou.
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