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Smart Pallets as a Service

PalleTech was founded with the belief that supply chain information should be harnessed from the bottom up by making wooden pallets smart. With over 12bn of them worldwide, PalleTech aims to be the analytics tool of choice in significantly curbing product spoilage, loss and delays.

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Pallets are one of the most overlooked assets in the world, yet there are twice as many of them as there are people on this planet. While considered to be a necessary evil up-to-now, we are changing the game by making pallets smart. Supply chain losses amount to hundreds of billions dollars a year, partly due to inefficient cargo visibility and condition monitoring at a pallet level. PalleTech is here to give a new meaning to 21st century supply chains and change the way the world handles, perceives, and utilizes pallets by seamlessly connecting the information in industry warehouses, shop floors and fleets through smart pallets and an Industrial Internet of Things platform.

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