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Bringing Together Apps, Services, & Content Into A Single Platform

We're a research-driven company. Our user experience studies drive every feature we build. We all work incredibly hard and are driven to bring our research into products. Read More
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What We're Building

Pairade allows users to combine your favorite apps and services into a single platform. The way we consume apps will change in the near future; downloading each individual app experience is inefficient and provides for low user retention. Thus, we are creating a central hub for these apps, services, and content: a single app platform that allows you to access all your favorite stuff, instantly. It's all inside your Card.

About Our Team

Prior to founding Pairade, the founders bootstrapped three multi-million dollar businesses with over $20M in revenue. We have been profiled in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, Huffington Post, Elite Daily, TNW, Venture Beat, Mashable, and many others. We also had over 5 apps hit the top of the app store charts generating tens of millions of downloads and millions in revenue. We are the original creators of app chart toppers like Instaliker, Instakey, Wakaville, and Celebrity Streetfight.

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Dan Novaes
CEO - @Pairade . Former CEO @MobileX Labs -App Maker of CSF, Instakey, Instaliker. Contributor @Forbes , @INC , @Entrepreneur Magazine, IU, Brazilian/American
Kiran Panesar
Founder, CTO @Pairade, @MobileX Labs • Studied at @Cardiff University
Nicholas McEvily
Co-founder/ Head of Product @Pairade • VP of Product @MobileX Labs • VP of Product @Mantra@agrowculture • First hire @Mouth • B.Sc & M.Sc @Cornell University
Michael Israel
Head of Strategic Partnerships @MobileX Labs Advisor @mark-cuban-companies-2
Mariana Lacerda
Human Resources at MobileX Labs in Chicago, Illinois.
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Our Investors

Shu Duan
Seasoned banker specializing in capital market advisory & financing. Active angel & VC investor
Mateen Khadir
Intrapreneur, expertise in taking products to market, from defining go-to-market strategy to product delivery. Investor & Advisor to early-stage opportunities.

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