Pablo Grandinetti

Serial entrepreneur, advisor and investor. Co-founder & COO at @Urbita. Co-founder & Board Member at @Blink.

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What I Do

I have broad experience in the development of operative, creative and technological strategies for startups.

I'm looking to work on both sides of the business, mixing operational and business skills in order to create and manage projects that are not only successful but original and enjoyable.


I'm an experienced entrepreneur, CPO and COO.

As co-founder and COO of, one of the largest Spanish-language digital music websites sold in 2004, I was in charge of the company’s operations and a team of 40 when I was only 19 years old. Over a period of ten years, I was also founder and CEO of GOT.VERTIGO, an incubator and development house that birthed over 25 startups and digital businesses for Fortune 500 companies such as Time Warner and Universal Music.

In the past two years I have also advised and invested on a few startups, of which Wanto and Groofi are the most notable.

Right now I'm the co-founder & COO of The Urbita Network, a group of local-search and travel-related websites that covers 180,000 cities and towns worldwide. More than 14 million unique users from all over the world visit our sites every month. I'm also the co-founder & board member of Blink, a disruptive startup on the media industry managed by two former senior editors of the WSJ.

What I'm Looking For

Investors interested on social travel, marketplaces and location based services.