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Ozlo is an integrated knowledge platform powering the intelligent future.

Create the future of AI assistants with a smart team of experienced people in Silicon Valley and Seattle. We're always looking for top talent in NLP, machine learning and engineering. Reach out to us at jobs@ozlo.com.

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What We're Building

Ozlo is an integrated knowledge platform powering the intelligent future. Ozlo helps assistants and other intelligent systems understand and represent the contours of the real world. Intelligent systems powered by Ozlo are able to have more meaningful interactions with users.

The foundation of our platform is a knowledge index that is the first to offer probabilistic assertions alongside accepted fact - a fundamentally better model of the world.

We are a team of 30 creative technologists with world-class expertise in computational linguistics, machine learning, data science, search and relevance, and infrastructure.

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Open Positions


Charles Jolley
Founder @Ozlo • Worked at @Apple, @Facebook • Creator @SproutCore • Investor @Tule
Noel Hartshorn
iOS Developer, Leader & Manager
Anant Narayanan
I like to hack!
Glan Thomas
Snr Software Engineer at @Ozlo previously @Apple @Tapulous, @BBC specializing in web application architecture using JavaScript and node.js
jonathan koren
Big Data and relevance engineer / data scientist with both theory and implementation experience, and a proven track record of launching successful products.
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Our Investors

John Lilly
Partner @ Greylock, former CEO @ @Mozilla, dad, husband, son, nerd http://john.jubjubs.net

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