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Modernizing offline transactions in Africa

At OyaPay, we're working on solving some pretty cool problems in an industry that's gone decades without any major changes. If that's the kind of thing you're into, come work with us. We're funded by execs in mobile and retail space in 9JA

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What We're Building

Building the future of offline transaction

- (OyaPayME) A mobile payment infrastructure that enables customers
to make convenient cashless transactions using their bank app.

- (OyaPayGO) Self-Checkout solution for retailers in Africa to reduce
queue and have more insights on their customers behaviour.

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OyaPay Team

Ibe kingsley
Sales | Business Development | Startups
McLeroy Ibe
Full stack developer. Good at Javascript, PHP, JAVA and Node.js
Akande Adewale Akinkunmi
Muslim. Designer.

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