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OweYaa is entirely built around passion. We feel, regardless of skill level or past experience if you have the passion and the persistence to chase your goal you will eventually hit it. Right now we a dispersed team, working from different corners of America and still managing to pull our product and vision together. We are looking to bring together a small team in NYC to continue to build cohesiveness and tap into the networks we have built OweYaa for. We have nothing but passion to build a great community where each user can depend on one another to help them complete their projects and obtain their goals. With that in mind, we want to assemble a team that can get behind that vision.

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Job Description

We're looking for a rockstar full-stack engineer to join our the OweYaa co-founder team. We are a team of three passionate social entrepreneurs. We want our tech co-founder to be as equally passionate about making long-lasting impact by developing a platform that will changes the lives of Veterans.

OweYaa is a social enterprise that is building a track record of becoming the go-to source for United States Military Service Members to transition into the civilian job market with a meaningful career. We have received a lot of traction in both the military sector and the startup community. We are currently piloting in an awesome civic and social good incubator in NYC, participating two accelerator programs in NYC during our Beta Phase. OweYaa is set to launch in the Fall of 2016 with your leadership & innovative skills.

Our ideal candidate has at least 3 years of experience in a tech programming or developer role, can take complete responsibility and ownership of front-end and back-end web development and help expand the development team at a later stage. Our ideal candidate may have previous experience in government, public policy or worked at a social good venture. Military experience is desired but not required.
Most important of all, you must want to a tech for social good and are willing to join the team as a co-founder to help drive our mission to solve the military-cultural gap problem through human-centric design testing, iteration and development.

Front End: HTML, CSS, JQuery
Backend: Node.js, Javascript, MongoDB, SQL - MySQL
Additional: Bootstrap, Express, Material Design, Cyber Security

Cognitive Science
Agile, quick learner, can work autonomously
Passionate about social venture work
Exit Startup or worked on a great platform to date

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What We're Building

OweYaa is a project-based virtual internship platform for the military community. We aim to help companies grow fast with untapped military talent. OweYaa aims to address the hurdles veterans face when they leave the military which results in long periods of unemployment rather than rewarding careers. Two of those significant hurdles are due to lack of civilian job experience and lack of connections in the business world. With OweYaa's virtual internships-- active duty service members, veterans and military spouses can connect with employers and build marketable resumes with civilian job experience. Our algorithm matches long term business goals to veteran career goals. OweYaa helps companies to focus on their core business needs and allows them to vet prospective employee hires.

OweYaa’s stands out as one of the few social enterprises in the country tackling military transition into the civilian job market and adding veterans to the tech diversity equation.

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Luke Jenkins
Founder OweYaa • Worked at @US Army • Studied at @United States Military Academy
Barika Edwards
Idea Hacker, Evangelist, Communication Strategist. I'm a Journalist and Media Rock Star with a heart for social impact tech. 2016 UPenn Global Impact Fellow.

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Luke Jenkins
Founder OweYaa • Worked at @US Army • Studied at @United States Military Academy