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Overclock Labs

Senior Security Engineer (Founding Team) at Overclock Labs

San Francisco, Remote · Full Time
We're building a decentralized infrastructure network to reimagine the future of the internet Read More
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Job Description

Be part of the founding team at Overclock Labs. Overclock Labs is building a decentralized infrastructure network to re-imagine the future of the internet. We’re a venture funded team that’s previously built global organizations together and we’re excited to be building something bigger than we ever have before. As engineers, we value pragmatism over idealism, getting things done over making it look pretty, and experimenting with unobvious ideas that challenge conventional wisdom.

Everyone at Overclock Labs views security as a personal responsibility. Your unique mission as a Senior Security Engineer is to identify potential weaknesses in the foundational infrastructure and strategically reinforce them, enabling the engineering team to focus fiercely on new features

Responsibilities include:

- Evaluate the key frameworks (and their ecosystems) that form the core platform for Overclock Labs Engineering, looking for areas where framework improvements could eliminate the potential for vulnerabilities to be introduced.
- Envision, design and implement core libraries and wrappers which surface key security concerns and automatically address them wherever possible.
- Help make sure security capabilities are used correctly.
- Support vulnerability remediation by recommending holistic solutions instead of brittle point-fixes. Developing processes, code, or systems that mitigate and prevent those vulnerabilities.
- Refactor existing codebase to leverage new security framework capabilities with an eye toward transition from monolithic to service-oriented architecture.
- Conduct regular security assessments
- Conduct in-depth security reviews of core corporate and production infrastructure
- Analyze, assess, and respond to various internet threats
- Work closely with all teams to evangelize security
- Advise teams on developing pragmatic solutions that achieve business requirements and also maintain acceptable levels of risk
- Ensure that our business processes are vetted from a risk and compliance perspective

Apply if you:
- Are a natural problem solver and adept at automating complex tasks.
- Possess exceptional documentation ability.
- Quick to grasp new concepts, and have a strong desire to help others
- Thrive in a high-energy environment where you must solve problems and perform work that is routinely done with minimal direct supervision.
- Are someone your team looks up to.
- Are amazingly entrepreneurial.
- Want to help build a massive company.

Overclock Labs is an equal opportunity employer and enthusiastically encourages people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to apply. Overclock Labs does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender, national origin, citizenship, age, mental or physical disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law

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What We're Building

Overclock labs develops protocols, tools, and infrastructure to make foundational elements of the internet open, decentralized, and secure.

Overclock Labs Team

Greg Osuri
Founder and CEO at @Overclock Labs • Entrepreneur, Citizen, Perpetual Optimist • Obsessed with automation at scale
Nick Alesandro
I deliver complex projects in fast-moving environments where uncertainty reigns
Aaron Stein
Worked at Overclock Labs, Narvar, Rockwell Collins. Went to UC Riverside

Overclock Labs Investors

Ethan Beard
Facebook Platform developer relations. Google biz dev. Advisor/Angel to great entrepreneurs.
CSC Upshot
The largest fund dedicated to seed investing, ever. Details @CSC Upshot
Mark Jacobstein
CEO @iSkoot, sold to QCOM. EVP @Loopt. Founder, Pres DChoc. Founder, CEO SW Sports & Soft, sold to Paul Allen & @iXL. CS @Harvard University. Inventor online fantasy sports
Steven Fan
Executive Director, Investments, Tencent Exploration Team. Former VP of Yahoo.
Itamar Novick
Chief Business Officer @Life360, Early stage investor and advisor. Previously VC at @Morgenthaler Ventures, Venture Partner at @UpWest Labs.
Christopher Michel
Managing Director at @Nautilus Ventures. Founded, Affinity Labs (Monster Worldwide bought both). Director: Kixeye, Castlight Health, IDG.
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