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Coliving/coworking in beautiful places

Outsite offers a network of unique co-living/co-working spaces in beautiful places. Outsite aims to create a movement around the new nomadic lifestyle. The company cores values revolve around remote work, work/life balance and flexibility. All our team members also get to stay for free at our spaces occasionally and we organize team retreats every quarter. That being said we are a early stage startup in fast growth mode, so we require strong commitment, work ethics and self organization.

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What We're Building

Outsite provides communal live/work spaces in beautiful places. Outsite targets location independent millenials, tech workers with flexible schedules and remote teams.

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Jobs at Outsite

Outsite Team

Emmanuel Guisset
founder of Outsite / business strategist with 7 year experience doing business development for startups both in Europe and in the Silicon Valley
Stijn Beauprez
Co-founder/CTO @Outsite • Experience with full stack web development and Big Data.
Liz Ribot
Operations at Outsite
Brandon James
Founder @Nomad Pad . Once bicycled from Berlin-Mumbai. (http://newlifetravel.wordpress.com) Global Entrepreneur. Aspiring Philanthropist.
Brandon James
Marketing speciality with experience at multi-nationals emerging startups and building own company. Passion for blockchain, VR and digital marketing.
Britt Buck
Operations Manager @Outsite Community Manager for Santa Cruz locations
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Outsite Investors

Leo Widrich
Co-Founder and COO @Buffer, simple and powerful social media publishing and analytics. I focus on customer development, growth, marketing and BD.
Joel Gascoigne
Co-founder & CEO of @Buffer
Oleg Tscheltzoff
Founder and CEO at Fotolia, Investor at Farfech, Wework, Fanduel
Mike Walsh
General Partner, Structure. investors in Uber, SurfAir, Boatbound, Pogoseat, Breather, +100 more. founded and sold companies. Under-utilized assets & capacity.
Tristan Pollock
EIR & Venture Partner at @500 Startups * Founded @Storefront (raised $10M, acq by OuiOpen) & @SocialEarth (acq by 3BL Media) * Forbes 30 Under 30 * TEDx speaker
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