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Ornativa is a fashion jewellery brand where we create unique and beautiful designs inspired by global fashion trends to make young women look beautiful and elegant each and every day.

Problem: Purchasing stunning global designs in jewellery of high quality and that fits within one’s budget in India is difficult, especially, online. For the modern women with growing wardrobe of western outfits, getting jewellery that matches the dress is important and while it may be easily available in up-trend cities, it is still not widely available in other cities.

Solution: We bring global designs to the Indian market where young, trendy and modern women look for jewellery which matches their style and dresses. Our designs are updated regularly and are inspired by international trends. With our lean supply-chain and manufacturing process, we are able to sell it at a mid-level price point and yet make good margins on each sale.

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Jobs at Ornativa.com

Ornativa.com Team

Suptotthita Neogi
Co-Founder & COO at Ornativa.com, An Entrepreneur, Blogger & Fashion lover.

Ornativa.com Investors

Atal Malviya
Entrepreneur/ Investor/ speaker. Founder and CEO of Spark10 - Startup Accelerator. Founded and exited of VC funded tech startups.

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