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We believe our business thrives when employees are engaged, challenged and can learn from their peers. We work together to tackle big problems and we enjoy every minute of it! With the belief that we all achieve the most when working together, we support each other and work as a team. Every month, we present an exemplary employee with the CRUSH IT award - a prestigious honor which culminates in the presentation of a custom bobble-head. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and everything in between. At Optoro, the last thing you’ll be is glued to your desk, and you’ll never feel like just a number on an ID badge.

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Optoro Team

Tobin Moore
Founder @Optoro • Studied at @Brown University
Adam Vitarello
President & founder of @Optoro . Started company right out of Brown University. Led creation of OptiTurn reverse logistics SaaS platform and ecommerce site.
Nitin Alabur
Making iOS apps since iOS 3.0 (since 2009).
Jackson Broadbent
Product ownership & analysis, data management, scalable solutions designer. eCommerce data specialist, SQL & Tableau. Flow chart enthusiast.
Carly Llewellyn
Sr Dir. of Marketing & Comms at @Optoro a tech company that is revolutionizing how retailers process and manage the $380B returns market. Previously @OPOWER
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Optoro Investors

David Griest
Managing Director at SJF Ventures.
Dave Kirkpatrick
Managing Director and co-founder @SJF Ventures

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