Mid level full-stack javascript developer at Opteo

London · Full Time

Job Description

About us

We’re a small, fast growing tech startup building an automation tool for Google’s AdWords advertising platform. Our mission is to make AdWords easy and profitable. We're revenue funded, in regular contact with Google UK, and growing ~25% every month. Check us out here: https://opteo.com

There’s five of us working on the product. When you come on board, we’ll have grown our team by 20%!

The product (Opteo) runs on the MEAN stack. We’ve switched out MongoDB for mysql+redis, but we’re still very javascript heavy. Opteo is roughly divided into two parts: A server-side NodeJS service that constantly monitors our users’ AdWords accounts and looks for places to improve them, and an angular webapp to display & implement these improvements for the user.

You will mostly work with me (Axel, main dev), to write new features on all levels of the product. We’ll work together with Guillaume (AdWords expert) to keep things grounded and useful. You will quickly be leading your own projects!


- Every month, we’ll send money to your bank account.
- We'll offer you equity - between 0.5% - 1.5% depending on your experience and which salary configuration you choose.
- Work in an awesome office: http://www.rainmakingloft.com/uk/. Amazing location on the docks, ping pong, free coffee, free beers on Fridays. This is a coworking space, so you’ll have interesting neighbours outside of Opteo, too (a hackathon organizer team and a neural networks startup)
- We have a tiny team, and you’ll be employee #4: This means everything you write will matter A LOT.
- We're currently revenue-funded. This means we work hard to produce results, but our day to day is pretty chill. On Fridays, we often change it up, collaborating on a team member's personal project over a few beers.
- Our codebase is evolving fast, so you won’t get bored. We’re very open to new ideas.
- We have actual paying users (150+ active users per day) — your stuff will be used (and broken) immediately.


You love code and you have pet projects [must have]
Active in your language of choice, and ready to get your hands dirty in JS [must have]
html/css/mysql/git [must have]
Able to work in our office most workdays [must have]
Good communicator (native/fluent english) [must have]
Happy to helping out juniors on the team [must have]
Friendly [must have]
Able to cope with startup stuff (shifting objectives & MVP mentality) [must have]
NodeJS experience [nice to have]
Experience with promises in JS [nice to have]
Ability to hold your own at ping-pong & Overwatch. [nice to have]

If you’re interested, send us an email to axel@opteo.com with:
1. Your CV
2. Some of your past work (either on github/bitbucket or as a file)

Looking forward to it!

Guillaume & Axel

What We're Building

Opteo is a SaaS tool which guides & automates the maintenance and optimization of your AdWords accounts using a beginner-friendly, todo-style interface. AdWords beginners will get to grips with AdWords best practices, while AdWords experts will save hours a week by having the grunt work done automatically.

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Apoorva Saxena
Full stack web development in Node JS, Express, Javascript, Angular
Louis Bluhm
Studying Computer Science @ Goldsmiths University of London, looking for Software/Web Developer role as an intern