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What We're Building

Operator is reimagining commerce. We are early builders behind everyday products like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber, and we believe Operator could become something just as big. Our product lies at the intersection of the most exciting movements in tech today—messaging, mobile, and on-demand services—and our company is backed by top investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Come meet with us, and find out what’s got us so excited.

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Operator Team

Philip Fung
CTO/Co-Founder @Operator, Early Engineer @Facebook
Eric Kwan
Managing Partner at Locus Ventures • Active Angel Investor • Founding Engineer at @Operator • ex- @Facebook , @Yahoo , @Oracle • Alumni of Stanford, CMU
Rachele Lam
Product Design @Tradecraft. Previously Growth Marketing @Flipboard, Stanford '13.
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Operator Investors

Kees Koolen
Former COO/CEO/Chairman of 2001-2014. Advisor to Uber Chairman Agri Brasil Founding partner EQT Ventures Partner in scaling tech companies
Ruchi Sanghvi
Creator of Facebook Newsfeed, Platform and Connect. Founder and CEO at Cove. VP Operations at Dropbox.
Ben Blumenfeld
Co-Director at Designer Fund, helping designers build businesses with meaningful impact. Former Design lead at Facebook.
Hans Tung
Early investor in Xiaomi, EHIC (NYSE), Forgame (HKSE 0484), Wish, FlightCar, Mafengwo, 51Fanli, Operator, Misfit, Little Red Book,, Snapdeal, Airbnb

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