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We're not VCs, we're operators who write checks. We've built software used by tens of millions of users. We've attracted hundreds of thousands of prospects without advertising. We've rung the bell at the NYSE to celebrate an IPO. Our operational experience includes key roles at HubSpot, CarGurus, Jana, SolidWorks, and some companies where things didn't work out. We've been there, and that's why entrepreneurs love working with us and seek us out as investors.


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Yoav Shapira
Serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Built and ran product, engineering @CarGurus, @HubSpot, @Happier, @Jana.
Mike Volpe
Boston angel investor (25+ investments) and growth advisor to startups. Grew HubSpot from $0 to $100m+ in revenue and $1.7B+ market cap.
Diego Gomes
Founder & CMO @Rock Content. Blogger, mentor & aspiring angel investor.
Stefano Bernardi
Co-Founder and Partner @Mission and Market Previously co-founded @Kickpay (YC W15) and was at @Betable, @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Engineering
Kyle York
Entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor. @Oracle @Dyn Exec. GTM, Product & Strategy.
Can help with
“I've scaled cloud-based Internet Performance company, Dyn, from pre-enterprise traction and ~15 employees to a fast scaling omni-channel distribution...more
Sebastien d'Ursel
Operator & Investor
Jim O'Neill
I love to help build and scale companies, products, teams, and infrastructure - be it my current gig, HubSpot, or through advising early stage tech companies.
Morgan Schwanke
Founder/Partner @Mana Ventures • Product @Unity Technologies • Founder @OnMyBlock Investor @Vivid Vision @Upload @Visby Camera @OSSIC
Bruno Werneck
Business Analyst Financial and enterprise technology junkie with experience @NestEggWealth. Views are not investment advice.
I worked together with Mike for ~5 years at HubSpot, where we were both on the original management team. He ran marketing, practically invented the concept of "Inbound Marketing," scaled the team from zero to dozens of employees, thousands of customers, and millions in recurring...more
Yoav Shapira
For Mike Volpe's work at Operator.VC
I learned a ton from Yoav, both technically and about what it takes to build a successful startup. I hope to work with him again.
Jasper Rosenberg
Co-worker at a company Yoav Shapira worked for
Yoav brings a wealth of experience from an impressive track record of success in enterprise software. Just as importantly, Yoav has a great attitude, yet still tells it like it is (i.e. direct and to the point). Not to mention, Yoav's near-instantaneous response times are wholly...more
Working with Yoav, it's impossible not to absorb new ideas, concepts, and approaches to problem solving.
Aaron Jun
For Yoav Shapira's work with Gatsby Technology, Inc.
Yoav is an extremely helpful advisor - he's quick to respond and really understands building scalable companies from a tech and business perspective.
Rohit Gupta
For Yoav Shapira's work with Sentenai
I got to know Yoav while working with him for 5 years at HubSpot, where he ran product and engineering. We were both part of the founding team that grew the company from a few customers to thousands, and set it on a path to a successful IPO and beyond.

Through his work at CarGurus, HubSpot,...more
I've known Yoav for a long-time. His technical knowledge is impressive and his judgement on hiring, scaling, and culture to build a strong team as second to none.
Arjun Moorthy
For Yoav Shapira's work with
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