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Frontend Engineer at OpenToken

San Francisco · Full Time

Cryptocurrencies are building the internet of money. We are making the funding of early blockchain projects open and simple. We bring experience from venture capital (Andreessen Horowitz), software engineering (Google,, and crypto ( to reimagine early stage blockchain fundraising.

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Job Description

Token sales have funded the next generation of promising cryptocurrency projects: Ethereum, Filecoin, and 0x, to name a few. At OpenToken, we believe that token sales done the right way are a promising way to bootstrap early stage projects and protocols. But the space is notoriously noisy and difficult to navigate. Our goal is to make the process of participating in the most promising token sales simple.

Our team is based in San Francisco and comes from Andreessen Horowitz, Google, and, and our investors include Pantera, Refactor Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Abstract Ventures, and partners from Founders Fund and Google Ventures, among others. Our current application stack includes React, Django, Postgres, and Solidity.

Our philosophy is to do more with less: as an early frontend engineer, you will have full ownership and responsibility of the client-side codebase, both web and mobile. You will design and develop on a live user-facing product, prioritizing a simple and straightforward user experience. In a space where designing and implementing intuitive interfaces is notoriously challenging, you will have the opportunity to build a product that stands out from the rest. Just as importantly, you will be responsible for developing the foundational architecture for applications to come.

-Create web and mobile experiences that make token sales understandable and accessible to everyone
-Make the experience immersive and beautiful with React and React Native
-Design architectures that make the site and apps secure and maintainable by default
-Manage application state using modern tools such as Redux
-Follow security best practices when interacting with cookies, OAuth/MFA, smart contracts, and our APIs
-Track metrics to make informed decisions about improving usability and engagement

-Experience with JavaScript, ES6, and community best practices
-Experience with CSS, especially SASS/LESS and community conventions and best practices (e.g. OOCSS/BEM)
-A strong design background and mindset towards simplicity and usability

Nice to have
-Experience with React and/or React Native
-Experience with functional programming
-Interest in cryptocurrencies and distributed applications

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OpenToken Team

Daniel Chen
Founder/CEO @OpenToken. First engineer @Andreessen Horowitz. @California Institute of Technology Computer Science and Business/Economics
Michael Graczyk
Stanford MS in progress. UT EE and Mathematics degrees, loves to build new things. I would rather work on an unsolvable problem then an uninteresting solution.

OpenToken Investors

Cantos Ventures
Investing in the anthropocene. We back transformative technology in core industries from inception through Seed.