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OpenLaw has developed tools to manage legal transactions on a blockchain.

Legal transactions can now rely on blockchain technology for storage and digital signatures — all while gaining the dynamism of smart contract programs.

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OpenLaw Team

Aaron Wright
Director of the Cardozo Tech Startup Clinic; Tech/Startup/IP Law; Sold Company to Wikia; Blockchain Technology
David Roon
Founder Cubefriendly, @Yoocos • Worked at @Swisscom AG, @SICPA Security Solutions • Studied at @Technion, Israel
Matthew Rothenberg
Product & Engineering leader with a decade+ of experience building innovative teams; passion for improving all aspects of "how we work" as an industry.
Priyanka Desai
Biz Dev, OpenLaw @ConsenSys
Felipe Forbeck
Generalist, Java & Python coder. Blockchain/Ethereum enthusiast. Digging into DApps dev world. Focused on good design principles, clean and well tested code.
Jacqueline Outka
Full Stack Developer @OpenLaw. Formerly co-founder Vyvygen. Yale '12 (History).

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