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Professional messenger for the real estate industry

Openland ( helps real estate developers find and acquire land for new construction. When we make the land market more transparent and efficient, cities will thrive with more housing, more jobs, and better infrastructure. Read More
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What We're Building

Openland ( is a professional messenger for real estate industry. We are backed by YCombinator and a number of prominent seed-stage venture funds. Join us as a founding team member:

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Openland Team

Yury Lifshits
CEO / Co-founder at @Openland (YC W18). Previously: CEO at @Entangled Solutions, data scientist at @Yahoo and @Caltech.
Stepan (Steve) Korshakov
CTO at Openland, ex SE at Telegram LLP, ex CEO at Actor inc, ex SE at JetBrains,

Openland Investors

Dan Bragiel
Founding partner @Bragiel Brothers. Previously co-founder of Lefora(acqd) and partner at @i/o ventures
Paul Levine
Partner @Sapphire Ventures. Fmr President/COO of @Trulia, helped lead IPO and acquisition by @Zillow. Previously VP @Yahoo, VP @Etrade.
Marc McCabe
Present: Samara (Airbnb R&D Group) @Sequoia Capital Scout Investor Past: Fmr Head of Business Travel @Airbnb Former Partner at @SV Angel
Thomas Pun
Product + Tech + Design
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