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This syndicate invests in both open source, and general software infrastructure deals. These deals can have a tremendous rate of return. Examples of huge open source companies: HortonWorks ($1B IPO), Cloudera, RedHat/JBoss, DataStax, MongoDB, and many more. They typically have recurring revenue and are steady, consistent investments.

The partners of this syndicate have invested in software infrastructure for years. The aggregate valuations from our deals have increased by over one billion dollars, generating an incredible return.

The partners of this syndicate are experts in software infrastructure, and that attracts the best dealflow, since we can truly help these startups. For example:

* Salil Deshpande (advisor) is a Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures, who focuses specifically on open-source and infrastructure software. Examples include SpringSource, Mulesoft, Redis Labs, Typesafe, ZeroTurnaround,, DynaTrace, Hazelcast and many more. He is ranked #24 on the Forbes Midas List (a website that ranks the top investors in the world). Salil also has strong operational experience in the developer space, running and The Middleware Company. Note: Salil Deshpande is an advisor to this syndicate and does not receive any carried interest from this syndicate due to his affiliation with Bain Capital Ventures.

* Carl Rydbeck was formerly a VC working for Crosslink Capital. He spent 5+ years specifically focused on developer-oriented and software infrastructure investments (including DataStax, a breakaway success), and has deep domain knowledge of both developer and devops.

* Evan Cheng is both an operator as well as an active angel investor, with a focus on developers and software infrastructure. He has held development leadership positions at Apple and Facebook, and so he has deep domain knowledge. He's made dozens of angel investments and has led other angels into deals via AngelList.

* Ed Roman is both an operator and an investor with a focus on developers. He runs the largest programmer conference in history (, created the world's largest Java developer community (, created a marketplace for programmers to mentor each other (, and has authored a best-selling programming book on Java. He led the angel round for NodeSource, which is an enterprise Node.js company.

The ideal backers for this syndicate would be those who have value to add in open source, software infrastructure, or enterprise sales, so that we can help our startups succeed. However, all backers will be considered.

You can sever your relationship with this syndicate and stop backing at any time, and not invest in any deal for any reason. Backing gives you a higher chance of an allocation so you don't miss out on deals.

Note: Angel investing is risky. Whenever you make an angel investment, you should always do so with money that you don't need, since most investments fail. You should also assume that exits can take 7-10 years. Please read the Angel Investing Guide we wrote at

The partners of the Open Source Syndicate are involved in other investment activities outside of AngelList. They may not be able to syndicate all deals. There may be conflicts of interest as well.
Carl Rydbeck
Product Manager at Coupa. Former VC at Crosslink Capital, consultant at Marakon Associates, and product development at Opsware / Loudcloud. MS EE from Stanford.
Salil Deshpande
Managing Director at @bain-capital-ventures ; Investor in @mulesoft @springsource @dynatrace @buddy Media @lending-club @datastax @redis Labs, 20+ more.
Ed Roman
Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.
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Acquired in 2017
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Jeremy Levine
Founder/CEO Good Spirits Lab. Was Founder/CEO (acq for $48m). Investor in many amazing companies and founders.
David Bill
CTO @freestyle-capital Previously: VP Technology @exacttarget (IPO, acq by @salesforce) CTO @spinner-com (acq by @aol) Head of Eng @virta-health
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni /Stanford AI Graduate Studies If you are in the DC area ping me
Armando Biondi
Cofounder & COO @adespresso, acquired by @hootsuite in Feb 2017. Angel investor in 100+ startups. Guest Contributor, former Radio Speaker, proud #500strong
Stefano Bernardi
Planet+ investor
Brandon Goldman
Previously co-founder at @freshpay. Worked at @miso-media, @box-com.
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Had a blast @harvard-university, @berkeley.
Yannick R.
Investor from Europe
Can help with
“Foot into Uk & Europe”
Salil is passionate and helpful. Good feedback and a solid network and a nice guy to boot. You can't ask for anything more from an investor.
Aamir Virani
Founder of a company Salil Deshpande invested in
Salil is a great leader, entrepreneur, and investor. A rare mix of technical ability plus business and financial savvy. He's very patient, has high integrity, and is a deep thinker with great instincts. Anyone lucky enough to work with Salil will have their odds of success improved...more
Salil is thoughtful, and he really cares. He's a helpful person to chat with about big picture, and he's also good at exploring the details. An asset to any company he's involved with.
Ed's an awesome investor and advisor. He really digs into the model to understand what he's talking about and draws from his experiences to help entrepreneurs see their business from a different perspective.
Super smart, well-connected, and eager to go above and beyond the call of duty to help startups succeed. Ed is one of my best resources -- if you get the chance to work with him, jump at it!
Exactly the kind of Angel Investor you want: not to pushy, doesn't require a lot of management and time, but always ready to use his experience to help take the company to the next level.
Ed has been very helpful, spent quality time to
Understand our business. He's honest and cares for others to succeed!
SUPER glad to have Ed as our advisor!
Jennifer Rasiah
For Ed Roman's work with Givesurance
Ed provides clear, common-sense feedback on all aspects of the business & product. His network and knowledge of the SF/SV scene is also vast. We're very happy to have him on board...
Derek Skaletsky
For Ed Roman's work with
Ed is an extremely balanced leader who has strong technical chops, excellent interpersonal communication skills and rock solid growth and customer acquisition behaviors.
Ed spent quality time with me and my team and he cares a lot about our business. He is very smart and helpful. He is always available for a call and whenever we have questions he answers them very quickly. We are very happy to have him helping us grow our business. He has a positive attitude and...more
Ed is a thoughtful, insightful, and extremely helpful investor + advisor. Class act all around. Very happy to have the chance to work with him!
Ed Roman has been a wonderful mentor for Nommery. He's shared insightful advice on building successful teams, accelerating growth, and raising capital. Ed is also a top-notch connector of awesome people. His support is invaluable.
Ed is a very self-aware entrepreneur, engineer, and investor. He was instantly able to grasp the value of our business and articulate what the future looks like for us. From his operational experience, network, and investments he has a wealth of resources. He began helping from day 1.
Ed's syndicate write-ups are the most thorough I've seen, enabling me to quickly invest.
Ed has been a tremendous help in our fund raising. He has been a go-to person for many business decisions for our company. Ed is awesome!
John Wang
For Ed Roman's investment at Dashbase
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