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The Ultimate Audio Marketplace

Virtual workplaces are rapidly gaining popularity as people become more work-oriented online, creating an opportunity for talented individuals affected by the shortcomings of the economy to branch out into the global marketplace. Read More
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What We're Building

Hire freelancers, buy and sell gear, classes, and content on oNoise - the world's audio workplace where you connect with artists and keep up-to-date with industry news.

Hire experienced audio engineers, musicians, and vocal-artists from anywhere! oNoise is a community of entertainment industry professionals including Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar winning artists.

Artists have the ability to set their rates based on their reputation and skills. Clients can select artists based on a combination of experience, efficiency, and cost that fits their particular business needs.

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oNoise Team

Jake Allston
Founder @oNoise, Sound Designer
Sam Estrin
Sam is a serial entrepreneur/start-up veteran with 20+ years experience. Sam has co-founded two public companies and is an active advisor.
Julian Melo
Front-end web developer for, SEO/SEM for A-list celebrity and international religious organization. Social media for 5-time Grammy-winning artist.
Ryan Allston
Creative Director @oNoise. Painter. Photographer. Music Producer. Artist Relations.

oNoise Investors

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