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Full-stack Localization Solution

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What We're Building

OneSky provides seamless end-to-end localization solutions for thousands of mobile apps, games, websites, and businesses worldwide. We offer professional translation services in 50+ languages and a translation management system (TMS) with API integrations and plugins to streamline your workflow. We hire and carefully screen our own translators to ensure the highest control over quality. Using OneSky’s powerful QA features, cross-functional teams collaborate efficiently to deliver faster release cycles and higher quality translations.

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OneSky Team

Greg Sung
Founder, @Anobii (sold to HMV)
Joseph Wong
Analytical. Collaborative. Results-oriented. Former Google & Adobe employee with a wide range of digital (SEM and display) & product marketing experiences.
Kerri Lu
B2B Marketing @OneSky, looking for opportunities in Product Management. Previously @Baidu, @EducationFirst, @Yale, and taught for 2 years at @CUHK.
Jacquet Wong
Making awesome things happen at OneSky
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