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UI Developer at OneSky

Hong Kong · Full Time
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Job Description

We are a fast-growing startup that helps apps and websites speak multiple languages through our translation platform and services. Our clients include Shopify, Tumblr, BMW, UEFA,, and others.

We’re looking for a passionate UI Developer to improve and extend our platform. You’ll be creating beautiful and intuitive interfaces that make it easy for our customers to reach new markets globally in less time. You are the bridge between design and development. You should be an excellent communicator, a self-starter, and be comfortable working closely with designers, engineers, marketers, and product managers.

- Work closely with designers, product managers and engineers in driving user goals.
- Deliver and maintain high quality interface implementation to enable a great user experience.
- Own the products’ interface implementation (HTML, CSS, presentational JS) and work with other teams to create/maintain a style guide/ design system for others to refer to. Your role will not include creation of any visual designs.

- Expert in HTML/ CSS/ JS (needn’t rely on plugins)
- You fight for semantic HTML and understand CSS and cross-browser behaviour inside out
- 2+ years of hands-on production experience in high quality interface implementation
- Experience in handling/ maintaining large CSS frameworks (e.g ins and outs of Bootstrap, others, or your own)
- Experience in JS frameworks
- Experience in BEM, Atomic Design and Tachyons CSS or similar (You’ll probably have strong opinions about them, we’d like to hear it!)
- Experience in responsive design implementation
- A keen eye for aesthetics and small details and a good understanding of interaction principles
- Great communicator
- You love experimenting with code

Extra points
- Experience with git and distributed revision control a plus
- Experience in a startup environment
- Show us your personal projects

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What We're Building

Translation management platform and professional translation services for mobile apps, games and websites.

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