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Data Engineer at OneSky

Hong Kong · Full Time
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Job Description

OneSky is looking for a passionate Data Engineer to join our team. Do you get excited by drawing insights from millions of records? Do you thrive at applying engineering knowledge across different domains from language analysis or even sales and marketing? Do you enjoy being self-driven and your unleash your creativity and find out what’s next? Do you want to work alongside some of the most innovative in the business and look for an opportunity to grow as a data scientist? If your head is nodding yes, this is the dream job for you.

## Responsibilities

- Technical ownership of projects and managing resources
- Apply the best fit technology on daily work to optimize the scalability and performance of applications
- Develop and implement end to end data pipeline from collection, analysis to visualization
- Carry out data analysis / machine learning to draw insights
- Work with product, design and growth team to develop quantifying framework and experiments
- Collaborate with different teams to define, design and ship new features

## Requirements

- Able to draw insights in business, markets, industry growth opportunities using data analysis
- Work efficiently with non-technical teams and talk in their terms the value of data
- Solid knowledge in statistics and modelling, including PCA, regressions, common machine learning approaches etc
- Knowledge in Map-Reduce frameworks in e.g Spark or Hadoop
(possible overlap with generic) Solid understanding in Functional Programming
- Experience with Python and Scala is a plus
- Able to operate the end to end data pipeline, script proficiently for data collection and data cleaning
- Experience with text mining is a plus

## About OneSky

OneSky ( is a fast-growing provider of translation and localization services for apps, websites and games. We help companies expand globally through a comprehensive translation management platform and a network of professional translators.

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What We're Building

Translation management platform and professional translation services for mobile apps, games and websites.

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