Business Development Manager - Data Partnerships at OneSignal

New York City · Full Time
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Job Description

We’re seeking an experienced Business Development Manager to lead the our data monetization efforts. We’re looking for someone who has led the onboarding and scaling of revenue partnerships with partners who buy or resell data.

In exchange for our free service we are able to monetize the data collected from our SDK across iOS, Android and Web Push. The core data we monetize is cross device, location and audience data.

Your responsibilities will include working closely with our VP of Business Development and our team to help to sign, integrate and scale revenue with our Data Partners. All data revenue will roll into you. The role is focused on two main priorities - Signing new data partners and maximizing the revenue from our existing partners.

Get in touch with us if you:
Get excited about the idea of joining a small but fast growing startup and want to be the first member of the team dedicated to data monetization.
Enjoy working on a small team, having a large impact and the trust of the team.
Looking for a manager who can also be a mentor and will help you excel at your career
Have at least 5 years of prior experience in roles that include data partnerships, mobile data sales, enterprise sales and/or sales at adtech companies leveraging data.
Are looking to work closely with Product help build our data platform.

Your responsibilities will include:
Owning all data partners and all revenue from data on the OneSignal platform
Pitching, signing and managing a pipeline of all data partners, including working with marketing to build necessary sales collateral.
Educating Marketers, Trading Desks, DSP and Advertisers on the OneSignal data asset, how to access it and help drive spend against our data.
Managing and ramping up revenue for existing data partners.
Providing feedback to Product and Engineering on how to better monetize our data asset.

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What We're Building

OneSignal is the most popular Push Notification service in the world, used by over 450,000 developers and marketers to send over 2.8 Billion notifications per day.

We’re backed by investors including SignalFire, YCombinator, Justin Kan, SV Angel, and Rakuten Ventures.

Our stack includes Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Javascript ES6, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Rust. Our Rust-based notification delivery system may be the world's fastest, and is capable of sending up to 400,000 notifications per second.

Our extraordinary growth has been a direct result of our experienced and passionate team. We love solving difficult problems, scaling our services efficiently, and providing a great product for our clients.

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What makes OneSignal a unique place to work at?
OneSignal is a unique place to work given the size of our engineering group and the mammoth amount of traction for our push product. We're also very sensitive to the human side of running a Software company--sometimes you need to miss work for personal reasons, and we support and respect that.
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