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At OneClass, we believe that our company is only as strong as our employees, so it is a priority for us to make sure our team members know how much we appreciate them! From a kitchen full of delicious snacks, to insanely fun quarterly team events, to monthly catered lunches – OneClass believes in supporting an awesome team environment where we work hard together, and play hard together. We don’t just talk about employee development, we practice it. Your success is our success. If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to learn, grow and get creative, OneClass is the spot for you! Located in Toronto’s downtown core, we are easy to get to whether you drive, take TTC, bike, or walk!

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Job Description

OneClass is the best place you have yet to work at. As a company, our vision is to make a positive impact in the field of higher education, do meaningful work, and have fun while doing it. If this sounds like your kind of company, please do read on.

OneClass is only as valuable as each and every one of our employees and everyone on the team contributes to the company’s success.

Our client-side is based on Backbone.js and other current libraries to help us roll out new features. We like to stay up to date and ensure that we’re using the newest frameworks as well. For our backend language, we use Ruby and RoR framework with PostgreSQL as the main database. Also, we have secondary services that run on Python and Java. For content search, we use ElasticSearch with custom analyzers. Our servers are hosted on AWS, and we also use other services provided by Amazon.

We want to be able to prove that the software we create is working as intended, and react quickly when it’s not. Our automated tests are far from complete, and we need somebody to poke, and make it break in ways we haven’t even thought of yet. This role will also include stressing out the application through intensive load testing. We want to know exactly how our system will behave under a massive load. If stress testing, drip testing, smoke testing, and dark testing are terms that jazz you up, this could be a match made in heaven! This is a development position. You’ll need coding chops to keep up with the rest of the team.

►We're looking for someone with the following knowledge base and experience:◄

► Experienced tester with strong knowledge in debugging large applications with a lot of logic.
► Strong understanding of the RoR framework, and Rails testing libraries (Rspec, Capybara, Cucumber, etc.. ).
► Expert in CI and following best practices in TDD/BDD.
► Fundamental understanding of black/white/gray-box testing, manual testing along with other similar techniques.
► Passion for thorough testing and finding issues in working code. Feel comfortable with tracking your tasks in bug trackers such as JIRA.

Ideal Candidate:

► Someone who is passionate about QA
► Someone who is a fast learner
► Someone that has extensive knowledge in both black/white box testing
► Someone who has a strong knowledge base in the above-mentioned technology stack.
► Someone who is always looking to break things
► Someone who is ready to lead

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What We're Building

Over 60% of college students today are unable to graduate on time in North America. Our mission at OneClass is to help these students study more efficiently by providing them with timely and relevant study resources so they can graduate on time. We have created a platform to encourage students to develop their own learning cycle by helping them learn, practice and master new material all on our platform. We are very fortunate to have helped over 2.2 million students to date who have contributed 10 million + pages of content from self-created lecture notes to 50-page study guides. In addition, we have produced close to 5,000 video tutorials covering some of the most common university subjects created by our amazing subject experts. Something that excites us even more is the 100 million+ data points collected to date from our user’s activities throughout our platform, and the ways in which we can use this to better help millions of college students.

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What is your office environment like?
We have a completely open work space to encourage collaboration between team members. A fully stocked kitchen with all the snacks you could ever want so you never go hungry. We also host regular team lunches and weekly events.
Kevin Wu
Employee at OneClass
How many people are you hiring in the next year?
Between 10-15
Kevin Wu
Employee at OneClass
What makes OneClass a unique place to work at?
Not every company has an opportunity to positively influence the future of millions of students. At OneClass, you will be working on innovative solutions to help students around the world succeed in their academic careers.
Kevin Wu
Employee at OneClass

OneClass Investors

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Co-Founder of early stage VC, @Real Ventures (Montreal, Canada) and an investor in the FounderFuel Accelerator.
Ian Jeffrey
Co-Founder and CEO of Breathe Life. Previously VP Product Marketing, @PasswordBox . Co-Founder & GM of @FounderFuel, Venture Partner at @Real Ventures Ventures
Bill Zanker
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Harry Patz
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Alex Liang
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