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Simple, secure virtual care for healthcare providers

Thousands of healthcare providers trust OnCall to expand and improve access to their services.

What We're Building

OnCall Health is bringing the future of telemedicine to healthcare providers.

We are a Toronto-based, Canadian company that builds mobile products to connect patients with providers with the goal of facilitating the best possible patient experience. Now being used hundreds Canadian healthcare providers, we are quickly becoming a leader in the space.

Launched in 2015, our web and mobile apps allow healthcare providers to see more patients faster using a fully PHIPA/HIPAA compliant video-conferencing platform. Patients love OnCall Health because they are able to engage with their own providers anytime, and anywhere enhancing the overall patient experience like never before. Providers love the feedback and analytics provided after each appointment which allow them to continue to improve their relationship with both new and existing patients.

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Jobs at OnCall Health

OnCall Health Team

Nicholas Chepesiuk
Co-founder & CEO at @OnCall Health / Founded @SmartLabs / Formerly at @Turnstyle Solutions @Top Hat
Jade Samadi
Consistently delivering innovative out of the box strategies for startup growth and development made invaluable by my implementation and commitment to results.
Neil Gillman
Bridging clinical best-practices and health provider experience together with the worlds of technology, design, user interface, and business.
Shane George
Sales professional with an interest in revenue growth through a data-driven and scalable process.
Yaz Sinan
Full stack developer. I make things. The things I make today are usually prettier than the things I made yesterday.
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