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Content Marketing and PR for Startups

We are an awesome growing team of four creating a new way of doing startup PR and Marketing. At Onboardly, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to get the startups we represent in front of people that matter: customers and partners, investors and potential acquirers. Our proven methodology integrates PR, Content Marketing and Social Media at the right time and in the right places. We operate at lightning speed because we know startups don’t have a day or dollar to waste unnecessarily.

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What We're Building

We work with venture funded startups to help them get noticed, secure early traction, and most importantly: acquire more customers.

We understand that startups are motivated by innovation, operate at lightening speed, and are fueled on the desire to change the world in some way.

That’s where we come in. We help take new ideas to market.

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Renée Warren
Geek in stilettos. Co-Founder & CEO of @Onboardly. Traveler. Tall. Canadian in San Francisco.
Crystal Richard
Director of Public Relations @Onboardly // Founder and Blogger behind East Coast Mermaid.