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At Omni, we're building the future of ownership and changing the way people interact with the things they own. Today, that means building the best platform and experience for storing, sharing and renting out your unused belongings to others in your community – and discovering items you can access, too. In the very near future, we're going far beyond that. Want to build the future? Let us know.

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Job Description

About the Role

Your primary objective as Concierge is to serve as Omni’s front line to our customers, picking up and delivering the personal items of Omni members. You will engage with Omni’s customer base while they are at home or at work, which requires the utmost professionalism and solid understanding of Omni’s service. You will create an unparalleled customer experience by providing members with creative uses for Omni, answers to questions about the service and the app, making recommendations for items to store, and – above all – providing a comfortable, professional experience that feels like magic. This role requires you to solve problems creatively as part of a growing, collaborative team.

As needed, you will assist in the warehouse with the careful and accurate intake of members' personal items; photographing and processing items in accordance with Omni's cataloging and storage workflow; as well as locating members’ items for packaging and delivery.

Responsibilities and expectations include:

* Driving Omni’s branded vehicles around the SF Bay area to customer appointments, picking up items for storage as well as delivering items for member use
* Keeping careful record of items collected from each member pickup to ensure smooth, accurate intake at the warehouse
* Learning, retaining, and helping to perfect answers to customer FAQs, providing exceptional customer service when on-site with customers
* Understanding the whole of Omni’s service and app functionality to help customers solve problems and learn more about Omni’s suite of solutions
* Identifying appropriate opportunities to suggest items for storage when interacting with customers
* Being professional, trustable, and personable
* Exceptional organizational skills
* Exceptional communication skills
* Accountability
* Punctuality when reporting for work
* Dressing appropriately for work (uniform enforced)

Job Qualifications:

* At least 21 years of age
* Valid Driver License and good driving record for previous 2 years
* Able to lift 50 lbs
* Familiarity with basic technology and devices, including the iPhone and desktop computer
* Written and verbal command of English

Other Requirements:

* Being a “good human." You have empathy and do what’s right, even when it’s not easy.
* Trustability. You are as honest as they come and people are at ease around you.
* Dependability. Your team can count on you.
* Punctuality. We promise our customers we’ll be there - you take that seriously.
* Self-motivated. When you see something needs doing, you’re happy to be the one who does it.
* Observant and logical. If something isn’t quite right, you notice. If something isn’t obvious, you’re comfortable asking for help.
* Willing to be a ‘grasshopper.’ You are willing to learn and are patient during the process.
* You’re a team player. You like people, and you like working with people. You feel good when everyone wins together.

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What We're Building

Omni is an operating system for your physical belongings. When you store your things in Omni instead of your closet, they create more value for you – and the people around you – by being accessible anytime, anywhere, with just a few taps. Share items with others, rent things from other members of the Omni community, and earn extra money by renting out your unused items, all without ever leaving home: Omni delivers and picks up when you're done.

When you unlock the power of Omni, you to reclaim your space AND keep your stuff. We seek to help everyone “live lighter” – that is, to live the life they want and have access to all the things they need – no matter the size of the apartment, house, loft, trailer, boat, yert, or teepee they find themselves calling home.

To date, Omni has raised more than $40MM in venture capital and through strategic partnerships. Currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, expansions to Omni's service areas and capabilities are coming in 2018.

We're building the future of access. Storage was just the start, and the next 12 months are going to be the most exciting in Omni's history.
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