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OM Digital

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An experiential marketing firm.

We get to work with the largest corporate players in the world and their marketing agencies. The problems we get to solve are usually open ended in the social marketing sphere and it lets us be as creative as want to be. We allow unlimited time off with proper notice and as long as your work gets done. We allow work from home days each week. We encourage side projects. We have a multinational presence with an incredible growth rate.

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What We're Building

We bridge the gap between native advertising and consumer experiences through interactive technology. We design and build products for our corporate clients to connect with their patrons and grow their brand. We have highly modular and socially integrated photobooths, GIF booths and video booths. We have Instagram kiosks that collect pictures from hashtags and prints them with branding. We have interactive walls and high concept visual products for patrons to interact with and learn about our clients. We are always inventing new things for our clients to achieve their goals.

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Steven Beatty
Founder and Creative Director @OM Digital. I am a graphic designer, technologist and business tycoon.
Remi Brixton
Founder Go Freck Yourself•West Coast Director of Sales @onomonoMEDIA•Studied at @Evergreen State College, @Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

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