Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @Limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @The Next Web. Judge @Start-Up Chile. @Rockstart Accelerator alumni.

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What I Do

I’ve been a full stack developer since junior high, and currently leading product development, user experience and business development all together at @Limk.

Prior to @Limk, I contributed to TheNextWeb, a European based technology blog.

I also enjoy helping others with their startup ideas.


Oguz’s most impressive accomplishment is that he has actually been living off his own money since he was 11 years old.

He launched two local soccer communities by the age of 18; after two years, he had more than 400k users and had generated $50k in revenue from scratch.

Beyond that, he made $100k-plus in profits from affiliate marketing by investing his hard-earned money. He later teamed up with Ozer, helping Limk expand to six-figure annual revenues.

Oguz also worked with TNW to build its first-ever channel, beyond its original blog.

What I'm Looking For

New investors, advisors, hackers & hustlers & designers to join us to build @Limk.

Feel free to get in touch directly for anything from just chatting, to sitting down and help you have the best experience on AngelList.

I'm Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten. Internet Serial Entrepreneur, founder of The Next Web Conference, Blog and Incubator, TwitterCounter.com and more…
Ozer Dolekoglu
Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.