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Today, the recruiting of software developers has to be disrupted: it takes too long, costs too much and consumes too much labor. Just going through individual LinkedIn Profiles can often take hours out of a recruiter’s day. We solve these problems by leveraging machine learning and data from sites such as Github, Meetup, and Twitter.

By measuring things such as the type of code they input on platforms like Github, we can see how well they work on collaborate projects with others. Through social media and Meetup, we can see what type of things they’re interested in. Through these findings, our proprietary analytics allows us to rank them based on their skill and social influence.

The result is astonishing: we have cut down the time to shortlist candidates from 14 days to half a second; reduced the cost down from thousands of dollars to few hundred, and shortened 80 hours of labor to one hour. On top of that, we recommend the most relevant talent for very specific job requirement.

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Jobs at Talentful

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Jia Chen
I am a co-founder @Talentful , a life-long student, rock climber and fisherman.
Michael Matthies
CEO, Talentful.ai
Shane Shown
Co Founder at Talentful - Seattle Entrepreneur - Crossfit and Coffee Junky - Machine Learning & AI Inspired!

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