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Optimize your in-transit inventory with low-cost pallet tracking + AI

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What We're Building

ODYN helps large manufacturers optimize their in-transit inventory, leading to a decreased working capital spend and increased customer service level. We do this by tracking and analyzing the movement of shipments around the world using our low-cost pallet tracking devices ($5) and predictive logistics intelligence suite.

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Marc Held
CEO of @ODYN; CEO of @Weft (acquired by @Genscape ); Co-founded @Zazu; Dir. Mobile @Boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt
Konstantin Klitenik
Co-Founder and CTO at @ODYN . R&D at ByteLight.  MS in ECE from Cornell. IoT/Embedded systems specialist. Expert at software/hardware interaction.
Stefan Cepko
Full Stack Dev at companies of all shapes and sizes (Weft, Aereo, Sonian, EMC). Promotes clean, testable, and performant codebases. Vim zealot and music maker.
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