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A new kind of hedge fund built by a network of data scientists

What We're Building

Numerai is a global artificial intelligence tournament to predict the stock market. You download our data, build a model, and upload your predictions. Because we encrypt our datasets with structure-preserving encryption techniques, we're able to give away all of our data for free. This turns the stock market into a machine learning problem — so you don’t need to know anything about finance to participate.

We believe there is predictive power in distributed artificial intelligence — so we built a hedge fund for you, that’s going to trade your predictions. You don't need capital. You don't need data. You just apply your mind.

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Open Positions


Richard Craib
Founder @ Numerai
Xander Dunn
Numerai software engineer. Formerly @Apple and @Osaro. Stock market cybernetics. Recovering imperative programmer.

Our Investors

Alex Pack
Deal team @AngelList. Past: Asia VC @Arbor Ventures.
Nathan Benaich
Investing in tech companies @Playfair Capital. All things data, AI/ML, UX design, marketplaces, mobile. Recovering scientist, photographer, perpetual foodie.
Fred Ehrsam
Co-founder @Coinbase, previously FX trader @Goldman Sachs, computer science @DukeU
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