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Proxy Re-Encryption for Distributed Systems

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What We're Building

NuCypher is a security and encryption platform for distributed systems, including blockchain, big data, cloud, and internet of things.

Our core technology, proxy re-encryption is a type of public-key encryption that allows a proxy entity to transform ciphertexts from one public key to another, without learning anything about the underlying message. It is a means of securely delegating access to encrypted information, via the construction of cryptographically-enforced access controls

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NuCypher Team

Michael Egorov
Studied @PhysTech (MIPT). Software engineer in multiple companies during PhD in Physics. Then went to Silicon Valley. Worked @LinkedIn . Started ZeroDB
Arjun Hassard
Product @NuCypher f. NLP Product @Factmata (AI vs. fake news) f. @SyndicateRoom (alt equity) f. @Facebook Founder @myriada-1 (diversity-tech)
Derek Pierre
Rotman MBA - University of Toronto (2018) Bachelor of Math & Computer Science - University of Waterloo (2008) 10 years in software development

NuCypher Investors

Yannick Roux
VC from Europe, co-founder of Token Economy. Previously: @EC1 Capital, @Momondo Group & @Forward Internet Group. Occasional angel investor.
Stefano Bernardi
Co-Founder and Partner @Mission and Market Previously co-founded @Kickpay (YC W15) and was at @Betable, @500 Startups and @TechCrunch. BSc Computer Engineering
Microsoft Alumni, Co-founder of startup Talking-Toon iPhone app, Jaadu and consulting company Computer Engineering Corporation
Fusion Fund
Fusion Fund(a.k.a.NewGen Capital) funds entrepreneurs building globally disruptive and platform technologies with the potential to drive systemic change.
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