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London · Full Time
We want to make it as easy as possible for the next generation of developers to build the next generation of data-driven applications, and we're doing this by applying the fundamental lessons of programming languages and operating systems to provide an abstraction over infrastructure. Read More
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Job Description

An ideal candidate would be familiar with systems engineering, operating systems (particularly Linux), and typed functional languages (we’re using Haskell), alongside knowledge of distributed systems.

The role is to design and build the NStack runtime and platform; this will require balancing hard, research-led problems with shipping product to large real-world customers. We're looking for someone who combines a keen theoretical mind with a drive to get things done. This is an opportunity to help us build and manage a team to develop the kernel of a cutting-edge, distributed cloud OS.

We’re looking at a range of positions and experience levels - whether you’ve just left uni or been hacking for 20 years, if you’re interested in these areas please get in touch!

Functional Programming (Haskell)
Operating Systems / Linux technologies (e.g. systemd, dbus, btrfs)
Containers and software distribution
Distributed Systems, Concurrency
DSLs and Type Systems

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What We're Building

NStack is a programmable, cloud-native platform that automates the process around creating data-driven applications.

We're working to make modern organisations lives easier by cutting the the amount of code they have to write, so they can gain valuable insights rapidly without thinking about infrastructure and servers.

NStack is funded by top-tier infrastructure investors from London, Silicon Valley, and Seattle.

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Other Positions


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Our Investors

Scott Sage
VC, Angel Investor & Startup Advisor
Suranga Chandratillake
Founded blinkx, CEO for 7 years: grew it to profitability, 300+ people, $150M rev and took it public. Prev CTO of Autonomy (sold to HP) and a Cambridge CompSci.
Michael Orland
Currently: trying my hand at angel investing. Previously: CRO @Songkick, MBA @London Business School, PM @Rave Wireless, PM @Vindigo
Joe White MBE
GP Entrepreneur First http://joinef.com, former co-founder http://Moonfruit.com. Entrepreneur, angel investor, economist, father of 2, husband of 1