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Data Science Superpowers for Analysts

We want to make it as easy as possible for the next generation of analysts to use the recent advancements in data science to create value. Our product allows analysts and commercial teams to use modern data science models to take actions, without having to hire data scientists, consultancies, or rely on developers. NStack powers predictions for millions of users each month, and our customers range from London e-commerce businesses to F250 companies. Read More
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What We're Building

Our product lets analysts rapidly integrate modern data science models into the data sources and existing applications inside their company. They do this by building automated workflows which are distributed in the cloud. For instance, an analyst might use NStack to build a workflow which automatically takes data from their data warehouse, runs it through a churn prediction model, and sends emails through their CRM.

Behind the scenes, NStack leverages a suite of flexible containerised models which run on a scalable, cutting-edge data processing platform. On top of this platform. we provide an interface which allows our customers to select models, connect data sources and applications, and schedule and monitor their workflows.

Jobs at NStack

NStack Team

Leo Anthias
@Y Combinator S13, founder @NStack, previously CTO @Kivo
Mandeep Gill
Co-founder at NStack (www.nstack.com), previously PhD Computer Science at University of Oxford.
Chris Mooney
Founder Cloudcart • Worked at @IBM, @Citigroup • Studied at BSc and MSc @London School of Economics
Mark Szepieniec
MS EE; PhD computational physics (exp. 2018); Currently working on Data Science at NStack
Edward George
Engineering Manager and Lead Engineer. Extremely hands-on with 15+ years of backend software development in various industries, platforms, & languages.
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NStack Investors

Suranga Chandratillake
Founded blinkx, CEO for 7 years: grew it to profitability, 300+ people, $150M rev and took it public. Prev CTO of Autonomy (sold to HP) and a Cambridge CompSci.
Scott Sage
VC, Angel Investor & Startup Advisor
Michael Orland
Currently: trying my hand at angel investing. Previously: CRO @Songkick, MBA @London Business School, PM @Rave Wireless, PM @Vindigo
Alex Brunicki
Partner at Backed, a London based seed stage VC fund
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