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New York City, Hoboken · Full Time
Founded in 2015, Noteworth is a place where passionate, strategic thinkers and doers thrive. Together, we are revolutionizing the way clinicians and healthcare organizations treat, engage and retain patients by harnessing unprecedented streams of patient-generated health data. Read More
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Job Description

Noteworth’s Engineering Team works tirelessly to raise the bar of healthcare software with technology-agnostic, user-centric development. We work every day to help solve the biggest problems in healthcare with elegant and innovative tech-enabled solutions. We’re seeking a software engineer to join our team, and help us continue to impact the daily lives of both the patients and the healthcare teams we empower.
As a software engineer at Noteworth, you will make complex data accessible and, most importantly, useful for patients and healthcare organizations. Your responsibilities will include developing back-end and front-end components of Noteworth’s web application, and working with our Engineering and Product team to implement robust features.

Our Culture
The Engineering Team is diverse and full of forward-thinking, passionate people. We’ve all drunk the “make healthcare great again” Kool-aid, and have fun doing it. Everyone has ownership and autonomy with our flat team structure. We practice radical transparency. All ideas are on the table; nothing is top-down. We make data-driven decisions, and ensure that time is built-in to produce high-quality code, instead of just something that works.
We’re highly collaborative, and intentionally create growth opportunities (like learning new tools fast, quarterly hackdays, and more) to continuously raise your professional (and personal) bar. Regular reviews and 1-on-1s promote open communication, safe space, and help team members understand where they have opportunities to excel.

Your Responsibilities:
- Further developing and refining Noteworth’s Clinician Interface using React and Redux
- Creating and maintaining APIs
- Building data visualizations
- Working with mobile teams
- Planning and maintaining a product long-term
- Performing code reviews
- Creating/maintaining documentation
- Writing comprehensive tests
- Working with interdepartmental teams (Customer Success, Sales, Marketing)

About You
- Excited about making a difference in healthcare with technology
- Passionate about contributing to an empowering culture of learning, teaching and personal growth
- Are a dog person, even if you don’t have one
- Knowledge of development best practices (agile methodologies, code reviews, Javascript testing frameworks)
- Strong experience with languages like Python, Ruby, C++, or C
- Has developed production apps using React and ES6
- Experience with styles and animations using SCSS
- Experience using GIT, JIRA, build systems (Webpack)
- Knowledge of API architecture development
- Good understanding of relational databases like PostgreSQL
- Experience developing and deploying a product in a production environment (product lifecycle, sticking to release schedules, etc.)

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What We're Building

Noteworth is a connected health platform that enables healthcare systems to address challenges around care delivery.

We are redesigning the delivery model around technology and process, including:

- A scalable framework for health organization to stay ahead of the innovation curve
- A turn-key, tech-enabled toolset for health organization to manage care initiatives
- A unified experience for patients to improve clinician-patient relationships

We understand that a quality patient experience is essential to any healthcare system’s success. With Noteworth, healthcare system’s target quality and care coordination initiatives, personalize care inside and outside organizational walls, improve patient engagement and retention, and ultimately, achieve financial strength.

For more information about our platform and how we’re driving care model change, visit

Deck available upon request. Please don't hesitate to ask.

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