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Each deal we syndicate is led by member investors of the North Texas Angel Network. Participating in our syndicate allows investors the opportunity to see and participate in our deal flow, and if desired and approved, the opportunity to join as a member of our network and participate as part of the lead investor group in future deals (earning a proportional share of the carry that is shared between participating member investors).

The deals we syndicate should speak for themselves as solid investment opportunities at reasonable valuations that have been pre-screened by the members in our angel network. Our membership includes successful serial entrepreneurs, institutional investors, and corporate executives with deep and wide ranging expertise and industry connections to assess opportunities and assist portfolio companies. With an operator's perspective, we seek startups that have sensible leadership, a compelling business concept, and proof of market demand evidenced by growing commercial traction.


As our lead investment group is comprised of our members investing in a given deal, it is to their benefit to syndicate deals as much as possible; however, syndication is at the discretion of our network's members.

Aaron Gathmann
Executive Director, North Texas Angel Network - Finance and strategy leader with diverse investment, financing, business development, and operations experience
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Pat Matthews
Founder, Active Capital. Investor in 50+ startups. Co-founder,, acquired by Rackspace then six year Racker & CEO @filestack.
Raj DasGupta
Cloud Computing/SAAS at scale Author of The Icarus Prediction 80+ Angel Investments UMBC Alumni /Stanford AI Graduate Studies If you are in the DC area ping me
Rob Ness
GP at Asymmetry Ventures. Obsessively hunts the world's best startups. Had a blast @harvard-university, @berkeley.
David Evans
I am a serial entrepreneur and technologist who started coding at 14, launched my first business at 19, and made by first angel investment before age 30.
Saad AlSogair
Investing in what matters, not in what's predictable. Mentor @alchemist-accelerator
Dan Clay Ellis
Angel Investor @calm @grovecollab Startup Strategy Mentor. Co-founded @rallyteam (acq by @workday-1 2018). Ed->@university-of-calgary. I help entrepreneurs
Sohin Shah
Went to New York University, Dj Sanghvi College Of Engineering
Strong experience in renewables
Arun Gupta
For Aaron Gathmann's work with Skyven Technologies
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