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Blockchain Engineer at Nodle

San Francisco · Full Time
What if internet connectivity was freed from the wrath of telcos, virtually free and accessible to all? Read More
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Job Description

You have the opportunity to participate in building the largest decentralized wireless network, and help launch our mainnet.

You will be the architect of our cryptocurrency, fluent in building smart contracts and network security.

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What We're Building

Nodle is building a global low cost, low energy connectivity service for the IoT. Using bluetooth, Nodle is a perfect solution for devices such as tracking devices, air sensors, smartwatches, fitness trackers and home appliances. This is opening up new opportunities for hardware manufacturers and lowering the barriers to entry to build innovative IoT solutions and hardware. This “crowd-sourced” connectivity network provides also an alternative source of revenues for device makers, network operators and app developers while preserving users privacy.

Our Value Proposition to IoT manufacturers:
• No need for an additional hardware module
• Low cost, Low energy connectivity service
• Worldwide coverage

Our Value Proposition to App Developers and Network operators:
• Scalable incremental source of revenues
• No impact on user experience (unlike Advertising)
• Very low memory footprint and battery usage

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