Machine Learning Engineer at Niantic

San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Seattle · Full Time

We’re leveraging the unique data and technology that made Ingress a worldwide sensation to create a platform for real-world mobile experiences and joining with incredible new partners to create all-new experiences on this platform, including Pokemon GO, our newly announced partnership with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. The platform includes both a server component built on Google AppEngine to handle our unique global dataset at scale, as well as a client component that will harness the power and flexibility of Unity 3D to enable our partners and developers to build fun, compelling and immersive real-world experiences.

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Job Description

Leverage a dataset consisting of hundreds of millions of user actions a day to model, analyze and predict user behavior to not only create incredible gameplay experiences but help people change their lives with games based in the real world.

Required Qualifications:

- PhD in Computer Science with a thesis in machine learning, or thesis grounded in machine learning techniques in other engineering or science fields.
- Repeated experience analyzing and creating empirically verifiable models based on real-world data using multiple approaches.

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Looking for a new place to call home and build cool games? Niantic is looking for exceptional people to join our strong team and help build successful game apps. We are a hard working, fun, and exciting group who love what we do. We’ve launched games such as Ingress, a worldwide, real world game played by millions of people and downloaded more than 20 Million times, and Pokémon GO, which has broken records around the world and been downloaded more than 500 Million times. Originally formed at Google in 2011, we are now an independent company with a strong group of investors including Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Alsop Louie Partners.

We’re focused on building games that get people outside and exploring, enabling our players to have fun while visiting new places, learning about the world around them, and meeting new friends. We have offices located in San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Seattle, and Los Angeles and offer competitive salaries, stock options, medical / dental / vision coverage, and other benefits including daily lunch and outdoor adventures!

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What We're Building

Niantic, Inc. spun out of Google in October 2015 in partnership with Nintendo and The Pokémon Company with a mission to delight our customers with innovative entertainment experiences which blend works of the imagination with the real world to enable our users to have fun while visiting new places, learning about the world around them, and meeting new friends. Our first product, Ingress, has been downloaded more than 14M times and has attracted a fan-base of highly active users in more than 200 countries around the world. Our systems process more than 200M game actions per day as people interact with real and virtual objects in the physical world. With the upcoming launch of Pokémon Go we will extend that system even further.

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Ed Wu
Ed Wu ,
Worked at @Google Staff Software Eng, @Niantic • Studied at @Stanford University PhD, UC Berkeley Haas MBA '18 • Leading Pokémon GO Eng • Gone to South Pole 3x
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Our Investors

Cyan Banister
Angel Investor, founder, AngelList evangelist
Lucas Nealan
Early @Facebook team, angel investor and technologist.