Siddharth Hariharan

Co-Founder @Rawbots. Lead gameplay engineer for early Zynga games, Sr. Systems engineer for LucasFilm shared technologies.

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What I Do

I'm in a unique spot to have both expertise in game design as well as complex video game programming experience.

My latest passion is Social gaming, and having worked over 3 years in this space (2 of which at Zynga) and having little to no social life during, has given me "expert" status in it.


The most impressive thing I had built was a full roller coaster tycoon style game for facebook. Think Farmville meets rollercoasters. Building and launching a game single handedly can be quite challenging, and even though the game only made a few hundred bucks in revenue, I still consider it to be a success in a grand learning experience.

What I'm Looking For

Venture Capital in the form of Angel Investment to fund and expand my current startup 'Rawbots'. I'm also interested in additional distribution channels that may help significantly boost our game (