Head of Growth and Customer Success at NexGenT

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Ever dream of working somewhere where you can make HUGE impact and make a difference? Have you ever wanted to join the next hot tech company in Silicon Valley? Want to help disrupt legacy tech education once and for all? We're looking for rockstar employee #7 who is super passionate about latest technology, education, and help us build a platform that will affect millions of lives. Apply today if you fit the requirements!

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Job Description


★ AngelPad #10 - Spring 2016 ★ All-Star Company

NexGenT solves the growing shortage of IT engineers for enterprise companies with cutting edge education software. Our intelligent learning platform provides smart career guidance, skills assessment, and access to world class engineers for 1:1 mentorship.


To inspire, create, and empower the next generation of IT engineers by providing the highest quality tech education that is affordable to anyone.


BA/BS degree from a top school (or equivalent experience and talent). A strong background in education and customer success is a must for this position.

- To Deliver a best-in-class customer experience and help us achieve 1000 raving fans by EOY2017.
- Scaling & improving our implementation, student on boarding, technical support, customer success & other value-add services and to improve our internal efficiencies.
- Implement formal KPIs to measure our growth and the client experience & internal efficiencies and will drive improvements quarter-over-quarter.
- Work cross-functionally with engineering, design, analytics, product management, operations and sales/marketing to design and execute growth initiatives.

** This role reports to the CEO and is a member of the management team.


Design the ideal customer experience throughout the entire lifecycle (for each segment and service level) and continuously improve the experience for existing customers, achieving and maintaining an NPS of >70
- Map out the existing customer experience and all of their interactions/touch-points
- Get the entire company thinking about ‘customer experience’ so that all internal decisions are made with the customer in mind
- Create a 12 month strategy with the team and an operational plan including specifics around the people, process & technology required to achieve it
- Define & scope full range of service/support offerings (including professional services) that support each segment of the market in driving value
- Evaluate & track key success criteria across multiple types of customer profiles/accounts and work with Marketing & Sales to acquire more ‘high quality’ customers
- Optimize team to consistently deliver a phenomenal first 90-day experience by setting and achieving on-time completion goals and initial adoption goals
- Implement systems/process to drive standardized customer success best practices aligned to customer lifecycle and customer behavior integrating implementation, support & ongoing customer success for all customers
- Define and build out a basic service offering to drive customer success through automated touch-points reinforcing customer success best-practices
- Constantly reviewing standard practices associated with the customer lifecycle and look to automate with systems or product

Package and price all service/support offerings to drive >$2M in service revenue by EOY2017 while maintaining >60% gross margin
- Refine our guidelines for how to sell ‘services’ such that expectations are clearly set and the service drives increased expansion & retention rates
- Create SLAs for each service offering and develop standard tracking & KPIs that we report on daily/weekly/monthly
- Design and implement standardized operating model with clear roles & responsibilities for all service offerings

Become a proactive, positive, cross-functional member of our Executive team


- Has hard work ethics and is an overachiever with startup experience
- Has experience building B2B service & support organizations with >25 people and has own all (or most) of the following functions: onboarding, support, growth, marketing, customer success
- Has a strong presence and is able to inspire/unite a team behind a vision
- Is a systems thinker: excels at developing, implementing & maintaining efficient, reliable systems/technology, processes & teams
- Is deeply empathetic and has a passion for identifying the root cause of any customer issue quickly

Embodies the Standard of Performance in their own behavior and how they interact with others
- Communication: communicates directly and honestly even when under pressure
- Team-first: puts the team ahead of their own needs and fosters that value in others
- Drive: is relentless in their effort to win

Excited to work in downtown San Jose (Heart of Silicon Valley). We will relocate you if necessary.


Platinum Level Medical, Dental & Vision, Life Health Plans For You and Your Dependents
Very Cool Startup Office in Downtown Silicon Valley San Jose @ WeWork Valley Towers
Full Gym and Shower On-site Included

BONUS ★ Stock Options/Equity with HUGE upside as employee #6-10. Come join the next Silicon Valley Unicorn and help us disrupt tech education once and for all!

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What We're Building

NexGenT solves the growing shortage of IT engineers for enterprise companies with cutting edge education software. Our team is currently building an intelligent learning platform that helps you level up as an IT engineer. The platform provides smart career guidance, skills assessment, and world class mentor access.

The founders are ex-Cisco engineers and both Air Force Veterans who’ve trained over 1000 network engineers for the Department of Defense.

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