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Newton Vehicles

Wireless Network Engineer at Newton Vehicles

Kolkata, West Bengal · Cofounder
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Job Description

Manages the wireless networks and configuration, installation and maintenance of the equipment and tools to ensure network operations per the architected design.

- Establishing networking environment by designing system configuration and
maintaining detailed documentation on router configuration.
- Configuration management of all core and access network elements
- Experience in Setting up and maintaining FIREWALL and Configuration of FIREWALL
- Firewall rule addition/deletion.
- Physical cabling & labeling in the hub location
- Service provider coordination & escalation
- Product vendor coordination & escalation
- Network hardware &links MIS
- Network diagram & documentation
- Link Capacity Planning
- Carrying out network change management
- DHCP Server Knowledge

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What We're Building

We are Newton Vehicles, an Electric Vehicle startup with a mission to Build Modular, Smart Electric Vehicles for corporates, ride-sharing taxi aggregators and city commuters to create a sustainable transportation system.

More than 9% of the Indian Population use taxis as their mode of transportation. The increasing number of vehicles is resulting in a substantial increase in pollution levels. Additionally, the vehicles used as taxi fleet have a low life cycle and needs replacement in 5-6 years. This makes it quite unsustainable in the long run for companies.

We are working on building highly modular and smart vehicles with long life cycles for the next generation of sustainable transportation.

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Nabarun Chakrabortty
Founder Founder @Newton Vehicles • Studied at @JSS Academy of Technical Education
Akash Singh
IIT Roorkee EE Grad, Loves Electrical Engineering, esp electric cars and bikes. Equally good with mechatronics.