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Nevados is commercializing a cutting-edge single axis solar tracker to address the need to install more efficient solar systems, more sustainably. Every year the solar industry spends over $1B flattening land to install solar power plants and carries with it a negative environmental impact. The Nevados All Terrain Tracker (ATT) is poised to address this problem with a unique mechanical design that allows for slope agnostic installation and a machine learning control system that eliminates the need for human intervention during commissioning. The Nevados ATT is the most advanced single axis tracker product on the market, eliminating major cost components of solar installation, reducing the negative environmental impact, and increasing ROI.

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What We're Building

Nevados Engineering designs and manufactures solar mounting structures that can decrease the overall cost of solar power.

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Nevados Engineering Team

Yezin Taha
CEO of Nevados Engineering. 14 years experience in the energy industry starting at GE Energy and most recently at Black & Veatch. UIUC ME grad.
Norman Xiao
Co-Founder of Nevados Engineering, @Tiny Mighty Labs • Worked at @Thomson Reuters, @Starmine • Studied at @UCLA Anderson School of Management
Ky Krieger
BS Mechanical Engineering from Brown. Energy expert with a focus on renewable energy. Thrive in a collaborative environment with design and prototyping.
Tom Murphy
Mechanical engineering PhD, controls software development at Nevados, R&D at Nebia, NASA Ames Research Center, hardware design, modeling of physical systems
David Jones
Lead Manufacturing Engineer at Nevados Engineering

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