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Neutun Labs

Data Scientist - Machine Learning and NLP Specialist at Neutun Labs

Toronto · Full Time
We're building the real-time picture of human health. We use mobile, wearable and connected devices to build cool things that matter. The technology you will build will influence millions, improving and saving lives. Read More
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Neutun is building the real-time picture of human health. We digitize clinically validated therapies and health tools and make them accessible on mobile and wearable devices. Tackling the most prevalent conditions in chronic and mental health.


We collect a lot of data. We need someone to take the vast amounts of data, structured and unstructured, and build pattern recognition models to enhance our product's personalization and customization.


-MSc./PhD in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics or related fields
-Experience with NLP technologies & the handling of unstructured text
-Strong Programming skills with one of: Java, Python, Scala, C++, Javascript
-Experience using NLP toolkits such as Apache OpenNLP, Stanford's CoreNLP, NLTK, Apache UIMA, (extra)
-Experience with data processing and storage frameworks like Hadoop, Spark
-Strong understanding of text pre-processing and normalization techniques, such as tokenization, POS tagging, and parsing, and how they work at a low level
-Expertise in at least 3 of the following: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)

-Create and develop our text analytics strategy, with a focus on empathic and conversational skills
-Work closely with the Product team to understand current challenges when it comes to using, understanding and presenting the results of text analytics
-Undertake regular analysis of the issues and feedback of the customers, highlighting trends, suggestions and frequent issues that arise. Present this analysis to the Product team to review, so that actions may be taken, making recommendations
-Devise a process of escalation and closure of issues that arise due to any inaccuracies that may occur due to the text analytics being generated
-Leverage our data pipeline to build pattern recognition models and work with our engineering team for the output, decision tree and branch creation.

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What We're Building

Neutun Labs is building the real time picture of human health through mobile/wearable software and machine learning. Our goal is improving health outcomes, reducing pain and increasing efficiencies within the healthcare system. Neutun empowers those people and families suffering with chronic conditions to free themselves from stigma, lack of solutions and the pain of their health struggles. We achieve this by being device-agnostic, non-invasive and accessible through consumer wearables. Our software enables a person to have better control and knowledge over their digital health, while being able to share the data with the appropriate people. Our software drastically reduces the cost and time to establish health tracking software, enabling those suffering with chronic conditions to better manage their own condition and contribute to the greater health of society.

Neutun is a top 10 500 Startups company, DreamIt Health alumni and recognized as one of Inc Magazine's 30 under 30 in 2016.

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