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A radical upgrade to human wellbeing

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What We're Building

The Neurohacker Collectives uses a combination of applied complexity science and an open-source like approach to develop technologies that substantially improve your "subjective experience". Whether you are interested in improving cognitive function, creativity, flow, mediation, empathy or any other subjective state, we will create or curate science-based technologies to greatly assist you.

In April, we put our stake in the ground with the introduction of the most advanced "cognitive enhancement" supplement on the market, "Qualia". With Qualia, we demonstrate the our ability and commitment to deliver "whole systems" upgrades that work in both the short term and the long term to help anyone achieve a "cognitive edge".

Over the next several years, our model will allow us to deliver "biotech" performance with a "software" cost-structure and we will roll out additional products (supplements as well as other tech) addressing all desired subjective states.

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Neurohacker Collective Team

Jordan Greenhall
CEO and co-founder of @DivX
Daniel Schmachtenberger
Solving important complex problems
Jodi Geigle
Health & Wellness Director. Nutrition & Culinary Manager @ Beachbody. Former Director of Coaching @ Kumu Wellness. Founder & Nutritionist at Eat Clean Health.
William Scuba
Data Scientist Team Lead at the University of Utah Contractor at the Neurohacker Collective
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Neurohacker Collective Investors

Vivek Dixit (Vik)
Entrepreneur, Investor over 70+ startups, board member & advisor
Jason Koob
Emergency room physician, medical device entrepreneur, angel investor.
Joshua de Gastyne
• Senior Associate @ Saffron Ventures • Reg A/CF angel investor in 33 startups •
Sunil Bagai
Sunil, CEO of Crowdstaffing, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, board member, investor and advisor. Key investments: Neurohacker, Loudr.FM and Creative Gig.
Brad Sorensen
Entrepreneur. Equity crowdfunding investor. Partner at Indie BD, a Biz Dev shop driving startups to critical milestones.